Stop The Slave Narrative

This is one of the most truthful and accurate written pieces I have read in a long time.


No more “all my life I had to fight.” There are other stories to tell.

I don’t ever remember having fantasies about being a princess as a child. Maybe my parents could give a better testimony of my likes, but based on what I remember, I was more into being a Powerpuff Girl or a Cheetah Girl than anything else. Ironically, I didn’t actually fantasize about being a princess until Middle School. The reason for this? Sofia Coppola’s colorful historical drama, Marie Antoinette. Was it historically accurate? Probably not. Was it depressing as hell? Definitely. But 13 year old me (I watched the film a year after its 2006 release) didn’t care about the inaccuracies or the horrifying deaths– that’s a lie, I did cry a little at the end. But I vaguely remember them now. I was far too mesmerized by the beauty of it all. The huge cupcake-like…

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